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Activate Motivation – Broaden the horizon

Solution oriented leading of the skills of your employees

Typical mentoring & coaching topics for you and your company
  •  Leadership competencies (Leadership and Management)
  •  Coaching-competence as manager
  •  Sales and negotiation competence
  •  Team-Work, emotional and social competence
  •  Analysis, understanding and solution of conflicts
  •  Identification and implementation of personal strength and potential
  •  Overcoming own inhibitions 
       (e.g. negative inner dialogue, constrains and fears)
  •  Change Management
  •  notification, understanding and targeted use of personal needs 
  •  360° Feedback

When does mentoring & coaching make sense for you and your company?
  •  in case of pending generational transfer
  •  in case of hierarchical transition
  •  support on career development
  •  in case of conflicts, e.g. personnel management
  •  in case of reorganization or merger
  •  support on change management processes
  •  on all communication processes

mentoring & coaching benefits are always our primary concern
  •  more perceptiveness on your own and your working environment
  •  more appreciation for own needs and objectives
  •  more acceptance of responsibility for your action or omission
  •  more self-confidence for the most efficient use of your potential
  •  more personality towards customers and partners

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Derived from business practices and expressly designed for your working life:
The Business Coaching Series ''Visualization for Success in Sales and Management“

This series uses a combination of proven coaching techniques, psychological stagecraft and professional documentation. Through the process of visualizing situations, processes and connections become easier to see and more palpable for you and your team. Solutions will become visible and logical "next steps“ along with them. The process is tangible for all participants and puts people and their skills in the middle.

Its modular approach offers a complete, self-contained module for each of the following tasks:

  • Key Account Negotiation
  • Sales Presentation
  • Product Launch
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Team Building
  • Co-Worker Dialogue
  • Burnout Prophylaxis
  • Recognition
  • Bullying
  • Seperation

What’s more, suitable worksheets and all required materials are included in the kit. Our team is available for both trainings on site and webinars. 

You will be surprised how this easy-to-use tool helps you break down and solve complex human situations and increase productivity in high value situations.
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